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Our Services

New & Part Worn Quality Tyres

Eurotyres is heaven of tyres as we have a huge stockpile of tyres of all sorts and types. Whether be it an 18-wheeler, an average car or a bike, we got tyres for all types of vehicles. Our tyres are of top quality as we are the suppliers of tyres for various well-known brands.

Brand new and good quality tyres are available at Eurotyres considering the demand of the customers as their complete satisfaction is our top priority. Apart from new tyres, we also have Part Worn Tyres (second hand) in good condition and quality for the customers looking for cheaper tyres.


Puncture Repairs

If you get a flat tyre, so it will be unwise to replace it as this might happen a couple of times in a year or so. In such condition, getting the punctured tyre fixed or repaired is the best option which will make the tyre reusable for a long time again. In some conditions like the bending of the steel wires in between the tyres, tearing, thickness reduction etc, the tyre is irreparable and needs to be changed.

Our services also include repairing of the punctured tyres of all types of vehicles and all sizes of tyres.


Tyres Fitting And Wheel Balancing Available

Keeping a time to time check on fitting of the tyres and wheel balancing is must. If the tyres are not fitted properly and the wheels are not balanced, they will cause the vehicle to shake and vibrate, giving an uneasy feeling while driving. Along with that, suspension, rotating parts, tyres and steering components also start wearing.

The need for wheel balancing arises when a vehicle’s tyre start to wobble at high speed. This usually happens in cars, due to their light weight which fails to lessen the damping of the vibration. The remedial measures for this will be proper balancing of the wheel and tyre fitting.

Here at Eurotyres, we have the proper equipment's and checking devices for this purpose along with expert technicians operating it.